December Market Snapshot

December Market Snapshot

  • Cindy Raney
  • 01/9/24


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2024. As we step into the first quarter with a spirit of optimism, we reflect on the past year's market with an eye for detail, especially on the fourth quarter's movements. These insights not only shape our projections for the upcoming months but also arm our clients with the knowledge to make empowered decisions. Here's our perspective on 2023 and what we anticipate as we transition into a new phase of the real estate cycle.

2023 Year in Review

"Inventory fluctuations" and "rising interest rates" were the dual forces shaping 2023's real estate landscape. With a significant contraction in inventory, total unit sales dipped by 22%, a testament to market tightness. Conversely, as interest rates climbed from their historical lows, a curious phenomenon unfolded: robust buyer demand and rising home prices persisted. The market's vigor was evident — median sale prices climbed by 5.8%, the Sales to List Ratio held steady at 103%, and the Days on Market shrank by 2.0%. This resilience underscores a market that values luxury real estate as a sound investment, regardless of broader economic shifts.

Q4 2023 Market Analysis

The final quarter of 2023 showcased a market that, while seeing fewer transactions, still thrived. Unit sales saw a modest decline of 6.7%, but median sale prices surged by 8.9%. Properties not only garnered their asking price but often exceeded it, with a consistent Sales to List Ratio of 103% and a 5.7% decrease in Days on Market compared to the previous year. These indicators highlight a sustained appeal and demand for luxury homes in our region, suggesting a vigorous market as we enter 2024, built on three years of consecutive growth.

2024 Q1 Market Forecast

Looking ahead to Q1 2024, we observe a burgeoning optimism. The final quarter of last year gave us two pivotal signals: a surprising rise in new listings and the Federal Reserve's indication of multiple interest rate reductions in the coming year. These elements contribute to a positive outlook for the 2024 spring market. We predict a modest uptick in listings, which should quench some of the pent-up buyer demand without flooding the market. Home prices are likely to hold steady or inch upwards, with the caveat that employment trends could sway the Federal Reserve's policy and impact interest rates.

Advice for Buyers and Sellers

Sellers, the moment is ripe for listing. Current inventory levels are still at a premium, presenting an opportunity to stand out in a less saturated market. Buyers, your strategy should be guided by personal needs rather than market timing. With a slight relaxation in inventory and the potential for interest rate fluctuations, postponing in hope of better conditions could be a gamble. Consider the current landscape an opportunity to secure a purchase with less competition, and keep in mind the option to refinance should rates trend downward.


As we usher in 2024, we're poised to see a more balanced market emerge, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers. The Cindy Raney & Team commitment to providing expert guidance and bespoke service remains steadfast. We're here to navigate the intricacies of luxury real estate with you, ensuring that timing and expertise work in your favor.

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