Unique Dining Experiences in Fairfield, CT

Unique Dining Experiences in Fairfield, CT

  • Cindy Raney & Team
  • 11/21/23

Much like a welcoming home, a delightful meal possesses the remarkable ability to unite individuals, granting them the chance to unwind and bond with their most cherished companions. Living in Fairfield is about so much more than mere habitation; it encompasses forging bonds with the community and delving into the myriad of opportunities it presents.

While Fairfield, CT is well known for its gorgeous beaches, its culinary landscape stands as an equally commendable aspect of the area. From intimate Italian eateries to upbeat brunch spots, Fairfield has a collection of unique and noteworthy dining experiences. Below are some of our favorites!

Martel Bistro & Bar

2316 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

Martel Bistro & Bar stands out as an exquisite gem among the town's top dining destinations. It’s vibrant, lively atmosphere is like that of the best brasseries found in French cities. Whether enjoying a delectable entree, indulging in a dessert, or sipping on a skillfully crafted cocktail at the bar, Martel Bistro & Bar offers a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Guests can expect impeccable service and a symphony of flavors that leaves a lasting impression.

The entree selection at Martel Bistro & Bar is a celebration of many flavors and influences. Whether it's the classic bistro steak frites or the whole-roast baby chicken, slow-cooked to perfection, each dish showcases the restaurant’s dedication to innovation and quality.

Old Post Tavern

1418 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

Your classic laid-back tavern, with food kicked up a notch. Old Post Tavern stands as a cherished local institution, steeped in history and tradition. Housed within a charming colonial-era building, this eatery features rustic charm and warm hospitality. The interior's exposed wooden beams, brick walls, and cozy fireplace create an inviting and nostalgic ambiance.

The menu at Old Post Tavern offers a delightful selection of classic American fare and hearty comfort food, prepared with a focus on fine and fresh ingredients. Whether savoring their signature New England Clam Chowder, enjoying a burger cooked to perfection, or indulging in one of their decadent desserts, diners are treated to a satisfying and soul-warming dining experience.

A family friendly spot with a large interior space as well as outdoor patio, with live music during the summer.

Bodega Taco Bar

1700 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

Bodega Taco Bar is a vibrant, lively eatery that brings the spirit of Mexico to the heart of the town. Stepping inside, guests are greeted by a lively atmosphere adorned with colorful decor, creating a festive ambiance. Their self-described ambiance is “modern Mexican with an urban beach vibe”.

The menu at Bodega Taco Bar is a celebration of authentic Mexican flavors and culinary traditions, featuring a stellar selection of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more, all crafted with a modern twist. From the perfectly grilled carne asada to the flavorful and tender steak fajitas, each dish bursts with vibrant spices and fresh ingredients. To pair with the delightful cuisine, the bar offers an extensive selection of tequilas (80+ types) and handcrafted cocktails, inviting guests to enjoy their favorite libations or try new and exciting concoctions. that appeals to many different palettes. Below, are some of our favorites in the area!

Mecha Noodle Bar

1215 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT

Translating to “mom and pop” in Vietnamese, Mecha is a noodle shop that brings Asian comfort cuisine to Fairfield. Mecha’s menu comprises of pho, ramen, as well as unique cocktails – from spiked boba tea to house-made slushies. Among other things, they do riffs on food that can be found in the streets of Southeast Asia.

Mecha Noodle Bar is an authentic, noodle-centric restaurant that is the comfort on a dreary rainy day and a happy hour delight when you need it most. Takeout if available but they suggest you dine in, as noodles are meant to be enjoyed immediately.


1603 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT

With its Mediterranean-inspired menu and cozy feel, Aurora’s brings the freshness and delight of homemade European cooking to Fairfield. Centrally located in downtown Fairfield, Aurora’s offers fun and flavorful dishes. Enjoy fresh fish bought daily, homemade pastas, soups, hand-crafted cocktails and fine wine along with weekly specials. Family-owned and operated, the casual feel and walkable surroundings make this a great spot.


1215 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT

Molto meaning “a lot” or “many” in Italian transports you back to the 1950s with its decor and setup, but the menu’s contemporary twists on classic favorites will brings you back to the present. This restaurant is all about sharing and connection, offering tapas-style plates for groups as well as an extensive wine program and spirited cocktails. Molto is most famous for it’s square brick oven pizzas, fresh mozzarella, seasonal salads, classic Italian favorites, and paninis.

BONDA Restaurant

75 Hillside Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

A hidden gem away from downtown Fairfield, BONDA Restaurant is one of our absolute favorites. This delightful restaurant presents a fusion of contemporary charm and classic elegance. The menu at BONDA highlights the culinary expertise of their talented chefs, offering an array of innovative dishes inspired by global flavors and locally-sourced ingredients. Don’t miss the fettuccine with braised pork and roasted tomato, the sriracha-brined fried rice, the steak alla JB, or the pan-roasted Scottish salmon.

Little Goose

397 Commerce Dr, Fairfield, CT

This Fairfield cafe emphasizes American flavors and indigenous ingredients to create cuisine that bridges casual and fine dining. Originally the offspring of Gray Goose in Southport before maturing into an independent restaurant, Little Goose is a gastropub great for a post-work dinner or a lively brunch on the weekend. The menu features classic American fare with additions like seafood chowder and stuffed clams casino. The interior has a moody, intimate edge that elevates this pub from easygoing to refined.

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